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Date | time 1/12/2017 9:00 AM | Meeting called to order by M. Saladino, PTG President

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were approved from the November meeting by

President’s Report

Holiday boutique a big success – a lot of last year left over merchandise was sold as well.

2nd grade magic night preparations underway – drop off event – no siblings

PTG website update with student counsel events as well as PTG sponsored events.

By-law proposed changes – email will be going out to change to a co-president position – will be voted at next meeting

Committee Updates

Chloe Henning – Book Fair on Feb 1st – sign-up sheet for volunteers. The event will be 2 days rather than the 3 days but books will be available online. Camp fire theme this year! Considering sending home a list of books with prices so the children can budget their funds.

Fun Run – in April this year. Registration and time keeping and pictures being out sourced to Race Wire. Registration site opening soon.

Principal’s Remarks

Gym floor is done! All-county concert NYSSMA currently going on. Mrs. Massimo then introduced Mr. Fenter. Dr. Bernhard, Mr. Bongino and Board of Education members A. Brogan, M. McAteer and L. Squicciarini.


CSH Athletic Center

Mr. Fenter made some opening remarks and then handed the floor to Mr. Bongino. Mr. Bongino stressed the importance of physical education on students well -being.


Dr. Bernhard then spoke about the financial implications – $4.8m bond maximum. Current interest on 20 year bond 3.5% (approx. $350k annually) which equates to approximately .57% increase in the tax levy or about $110 per taxpayer which will absorbed into the school budget at no additional cost to the taxpayer. (note: The school budget includes approx. $700k per year for capital expenditures which will now be reduced by the $350k interest payments – however the capital reserve fund has a current reserve of $1.9M which the school district feels is adequate to meet future capital expenditures and maintenance). The district’s current bond issue of will be paid off in 2022 resulting in positive cash flow 0f $3M to the district.


Meeting adjourned at 11:10


March LHS-PTG Meeting

Thursday, March 9th 9:30 Little Theater



9:30 Mel Saladino~ Call meeting to session and approve January’s minutes
9:35 Mel Saladino- 2 Votes on the new bylaws
9:45 Angela Engel~ Upcoming FOCUS Events
9:50 Chloe Henning~ Fun Run Information, April 23rd
9:55 Diane Scinta~ CSH Library, upcoming vote on April 4th
10:00 Stephanie DiNozzi~ CSH Ed Foundation POP! Party on March 10th
10:05-10:25 Dr. Moss & Mrs. Fuller (Main Speakers)~ DASA, Conflicts, and Bullying


Upcoming Events:

Thurs., March 2~CPC Meeting, 9:00am District Offices

Thurs., March 2~ Dr. Seuss Celebration, Read My Shirt

Thurs., March 9~ LHS PTG Meeting, 9:30 Little Theater

Fri., March 10~ CSH ED Foundation Annual Pop! Party Fundraiser

Sat., March 11~ MPower 2017,

Tues., March 14~ Board Meeting, 8:00pm District Offices

Thurs., March 16~ Report Card Available Online, PARENT PORTAL <–Clickable Link

Wed., March 29~ CFA Literary Luncheon\

Fridays, March 17, 24, & 31~ Noon Dismissal

Fri., March 31~ LHS Spirit Day


April 4th~ CSH Library Vote

April 23rd~ Little Apple Fun Run


March LHS-PTG Board Meeting