March PTG Meeting Agenda

March LHS-PTG Meeting

Thursday, March 9th 9:30 Little Theater



9:30 Mel Saladino~ Call meeting to session and approve January’s minutes
9:35 Mel Saladino- 2 Votes on the new bylaws
9:45 Angela Engel~ Upcoming FOCUS Events
9:50 Chloe Henning~ Fun Run Information, April 23rd
9:55 Diane Scinta~ CSH Library, upcoming vote on April 4th
10:00 Stephanie DiNozzi~ CSH Ed Foundation POP! Party on March 10th
10:05-10:25 Dr. Moss & Mrs. Fuller (Main Speakers)~ DASA, Conflicts, and Bullying


Upcoming Events:

Thurs., March 2~CPC Meeting, 9:00am District Offices

Thurs., March 2~ Dr. Seuss Celebration, Read My Shirt

Thurs., March 9~ LHS PTG Meeting, 9:30 Little Theater

Fri., March 10~ CSH ED Foundation Annual Pop! Party Fundraiser

Sat., March 11~ MPower 2017,

Tues., March 14~ Board Meeting, 8:00pm District Offices

Thurs., March 16~ Report Card Available Online, PARENT PORTAL <–Clickable Link

Wed., March 29~ CFA Literary Luncheon\

Fridays, March 17, 24, & 31~ Noon Dismissal

Fri., March 31~ LHS Spirit Day


April 4th~ CSH Library Vote

April 23rd~ Little Apple Fun Run


March LHS-PTG Board Meeting

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