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Below please find State Senator Carl Marcellino’s statement regarding the public comment period for the proposed changes to the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) which Mrs. Bellino discussed at CPC’s meeting last Thursday. Please forward this to your PTGs as this is the best way to communicate opinions about the APPR and assessments with the NYS government.
Sarah Trust

NYS Education Department Taking Public Comment on New Teacher Evaluation Standards

By Carl L Marcellino
Posted by Carl L Marcellino [1] on Friday, April 17th, 2015
I have been notified that the public comment period on the proposed changes to the Annual Professional Performance Review for teachers has been opened. Public comment on the pending evaluation regulations should be sent to Eval2015@nysed.gov [3] this is your opportunity to let the Board of Regents know your thoughts and concerns. I encourage you to make constructive comments and help make the system better for everyone especially the children.
It’s anticipated that draft regulations will be announced at the next Board of Regents meeting on May 18-19, after which the public comment period will remain open for specific comment on the new draft proposal.

SAVE THE DATE 3rd Grade Talent Show – May 20th

After School Clubs

Mondays: Mathematics 4-6th Graders, Drama Club for 4-6th Graders, Drama Club for 4-6th Graders, IPAD Creator Club for 2nd-3rd Graders

Tuesdays:Group Games for 4-6th Graders, Instrumental Music for 5th-6th Graders, Math Club Jr for 2nd-3rd Graders


6th Grade Year Book

The Yearbook staff invites students and parents to submit photos for the yearbook.  If you’ve got great photos of school events, please get them in early.  We need; baby photos, 2nd grade portrait, 2nd to 6th grade field days, Halloween, class trips, Symbols of America, Colonial Day, Philadelphia trip, Immigration Day, classroom events, Little Apple Fun Run, Science Fair, winter and spring concerts, etc – all Lloyd Harbor school events.  Help us get as many photos as possible to create a terrific book everyone will want to have.  Here is how you can submit photos online;

Go to:https://images.schoolannualonline.com/login if it does not automatically log you into the site, enter username: 400263980 and password: Lloyd Harbor.


Welcome to the LHS*PTG!

The purpose of the LHS*PTG is to promote the welfare  of Lloyd Harbor School by maintaining a close working relationship with parents, faculty and administration.  The organization  sponsors many programs throughout the school year including meetings, social events and fundraisers.  In addition, volunteer committees provide assistance to the school for various functions.  Since the success of the organization depends on parent involvement, its goal is 100% parent participation.  Volunteering on one or more committees is a wonderful way to meet other parents, share ideas and feel part of the Lloyd Harbor community.

The LHS*PTG meets monthly, usually in the Little Theater.  By attending these meetings you will gain a better understanding of what goes on in the school.  In this way, you can become more involved in decisions that affect your child.  However, if you are unable to attend these meetings, the LHS*PTG board keeps the entire Lloyd Harbor community informed by putting the minutes from each meeting on our website; http://www.lhsptg.org.


Augusta Reese Donohue, LHS*PTG President